Nishiguchi have combined hemp to add a crisp and cooling effect to the cotton. These socks are ideal for hot summer days as they feel dry to the touch and are of lasting comfort. Hemp is a plant which requires almost no pesticide — environmentally friendly indeed.

A cozy and cushiony cotton sock perfect for a cool Spring turned warm Summer. Think your classic camp sock but with the quality and experience of Nishiguchi! We love these worn slouchy with our favorite Birkenstocks or clogs.

material : 77% COTTON, 18% HEMP, 4% POLYESTER, 1% POLYURETHANE 

Sizes (US):
Small: Women's size 6 - 8, Men's size 5 - 7
Medium: Women's size 8 - 10, Men's size 7 - 9
Large: Women's size 10.5 - 13, Men's size 9.5 - 12
 wash gentle, air dry  

Made in Japan