This is the kind of sock that makes you feel like you are spoiling yourself.  Makes us feel special putting them on.  Perhaps it is the contrasting white stripe on the mohair that makes it so?

They are a super soft kid mohair wool is lustrous fiber spun from young goats not more than a year old. Mohair is an extremely soft fiber that is light and incredibly warm.  Nishiguchi Kutsushita has carefully blended this fiber with wool to create these lightweight socks that ensure comfort and warmth. Both the interior and exterior of the sock has been carefully treated by gently fraying the material to add extra fluffiness — for additional comfort that your feet deserve. 

Sizes (US):
Small: Women's size 6 - 8, Men's size 5 - 7
Medium: Women's size 8 - 10, Men's size 7 - 9 

38% NYLON, 31% MOHAIR, 31% WOOL

Wash gentle cold, lay flat to dry.

Made in Japan