This cool little non stick pan makes taiyaki.  What is taiyaki?   Taiyaki is a quintessential Japanese treat, with a cake or almost dense waffle like exterior shaped like a tai fish (sea bream) this is a lucky fish in Japan- we digress) and filled with sweet red bean.  Our mouth is watering.  Often served at festivals, street fairs, sold in the chic department store basements. 

We brought this is because we thought it would be fun to allow you to make your taste of Japan here.  You don't have to do do sweet red bean or even a sweet cake, you could make it savory or sweet, the world is your... lucky tai fish.

The pan is non stick with a red handle.

13 3/4" x 5-1/2" x 1-1/2"h. (the pan is 6 1/18 long)

Made in Japan