The original tote by Spring Finn, the OG of all Spring Finn & Co bags.   Who knew inspiration from a Parisian plumbing bag could create such a beauty.

Made with "veg tan" leather, which just darkens with use and get better with age.  Like us.  

Inside there is 100% cotton striped chambray fabric to line the inside bottom.

There are 4 nickel bottom studs so that you can put it down anywhere with a reassuring tap, the bottom of this bag is not getting sullied.  And there is a pocket in the front for a drawing pad, pencils, or a metro card.
Inside leather strap for keys or clutch, leather inside pockets on both sides for phone or business card …

8"H * 15"L * 7"D

PS: Vegetable Tanning is method of hide tanning which utilizes materials from organic materials such as bark instead of the traditional chemicals. Vegetable tanned leather has greater body and firmness than traditionally-tanned leather. The unique tone and grain variation are desirable and natural characteristics of vegetable tanned leather, small marks and natural imperfections from the animal should not be seen as faults. 

This leather is not water resistant. But no worries if the leather gets wet, just gently wipe off water and allow to air dry. It will be stained and darken over time.  That just represent your story with this bag, is going to be unique,  interesting & lovely like you. We know someone that spilled a soft drink in their new bag (not recommended to hold soda cans) and at first they were crestfallen now it makes them smile and love their bag even more.

PSS. We LOVE this bag, well all the Spring Finn bags as we have collected them over the years.  We know we are lucky.

Handcrafted in the US, really.