Functional elegance, a bag to carry overnight or off to work. With a name like Edgar we know that this bag is smart, polished, a pragmatic friend who enjoys life. We like to imagine ourselves throwing in the overhead compartment or sticking in our trunk for a cabin weekend or sitting next to us on the subway - we digress. Spring Finn & Co has created this large beautiful bag composed of 100% cotton canvas and veg tanned leather for pocket and strap details.

The bag's bottom is lined with  100% stripe chambray, just one of it's thoughtful details. And the pocket game is so thought through, one large one for a laptop, or a maybe its your drawing pad, other pockets for you phone, maybe your makeup case or your art box. 

Use the leather buckles to secure your goods while traveling or leave them slightly open for a more casual look.  The veg tan leather will darken over time - the patina only makes this bag better.

And this bag is finished with nickel studs on the bottom, giving you the reassuring tap when you set it down that you bag will remain clean.

Seize the day with this bag, go out into the world.  Not a bag for staying at home.

Size - we will be measuring soon.  

Made in the US