NEW!  & so all business yet with an edge of fun!!  10 saying in Japanese.  Good job = well done!  Each stamp contains 10 rotatable designs. Perfect for adding personality to your planner, notebook and messages. 


onegai shimasu - will you do me this favor, even when you are meeting someone for the first time, will you do me the favor of meeting me,  everyone is so well mannered!

otsukaresama!  - oh you tired one - in most honorific form.  Often used after the end of a long day, a test, an ardous task

TEL orimashita - you had a call

omiyage desu - here is a souvenir  for you, a gift of my travels.  you would be a bore not to travel somewhere and not bring something back for our family, office etc...

mimashita (w/ sparkle cat) - I saw it!  (implying with sparkle cat what?  it was good I think).  or acknowledging you saw something someone wanted you to see.

hanko kudasai - put your stamp on this please

yes / no - stamp to get some to circle a answer for you!

Good jobb!!   - Good job!! is not used just for little ones in Japan, it means well done. way to go, but said in English it make it cool to notice someones achievement.

Thank you - global gratitude.  We should use this stamp often


The ink of the stamp is waterproof so that you can paint over the stamp with non-permanent markers.