Objects in nature serve as inspirations for atelier tete products. The Pebble line, with a soft texture and round shape, remind you of pebbles formed gradually from the flow of the river.

Cup and saucer can used together or separately to serve tea in the cup and a sweet on the plate (traditional use in Japan with pairing of bitter green teen balanced with a bite of sweet). 

A teapot that integrates into the daily life is comfortable to use, and the drip-free spout is one of the features that ensures usability. The spout is finished by using a special tool to to create efficiency and precision for pouring.  This requires the handwork of a highly skilled craftsmen. Another feature of Pebble is its durable stainless steel strainer. The small holes are beautifully aligned and are perfect for straining tea leaves. The delicate handwork and high-quality material create a teapot for life-long use.

Made in Japan