This pillowcase is not only lovely to look and lay your head on but it has that something extra that you might be happy to have.  These case are are infused with binchotan charcoal  (we affectionately call it B-chan). Binchotan is the highest grade of charcoal and it known for its natural purification qualities.  It absorbs odors and bacteria. Think about those pillows where we lay our hard working brows and you know we now know it is better for our hair not to wash it everyday.

These 3 layered pillowcases come in either grey or brown binchotan or persimmon infused rayon.

How to use :

  • First soak in hot water before using to remove starch coating. 
  • Fabric we become very soft once the coating is removed
  • Wash gentle in machine or by hand
  • Do not use in dryer
  • Bleach not recommended, if needed spot clean with oxygen bleach.
  • Fabric may shrink slightly after washing

20” x 29”

Fits most standard sized pillows- not king sized

83% Organic Cotton, 17% Binchotan Rayon

Made in Nara, Japan