Meet a superhero for the kitchen, R.I. B. This kitchen cloth is infused with binchotan charcoal  (we affectionately call it B-chan), making it a favorite at the sink. Binchotan is the highest grade of charcoal and it known for its natural purification qualities.  It absorbs odors and bacteria - take that 💪

These 6 layered cloths are dual color, one side features a dyed color, the other side is natural binchotan gray.

How to use :

  • First soak in hot water before using to remove starch coating. 
  • Fabric we become very soft once the coating is removed
  • Colors may fade after the first wash
  • Wash gentle in machine or by hand
  • Do not use in dryer
  • Bleach not recommended, if needed spot clean with oxygen bleach.
  • Fabric may shrink slightly after washing

13.5" x 13.5"

82% rayon / 18% cotton

Made in Nara, Japan