This is a beautiful small basic donabe that is a great pot to cook in, make hot pot, soups, stews, a small roast - let your imaginations work.  Donabe is a way of life in Japan, bringing people together around the table.

And these donabe are made in the Iga region so the heat retention is outstanding, that means after the heat source is turned off it stays warmer longer.

Also the craftmanship is amazing.  Each of these pots are made by real artisans and take at least two weeks to make.  

They make delicious food and a delicious looking table.

Tokusa design

The design of the donabe is done with a traditional tokusa pattern – as can be seen with the delicate stroke work of the white lines. The name comes from the tokusa plant, which grows thin straight leaves. This brush work is done carefully by hand by a Japanese artisan


This is a small donabe, perfect for one or two people

8.1” x 5.1” high

Holds up to .75 quart

Only for use with gas cooking, no induction heat

Oven safe up to 500° F/ not microwave safe

Must season for use

Instructions included

Made in Japan