Like a duvet for your feet! Featuring a wool surface to keep your feet warm in the colder seasons and a Sasawashi lined inner to keep moisture and odor at bay. If you’re not already familiar with Sasawashi’s amazing technological fabric, let us introduce you. It’s an innovative fabric made of woven washi paper threads treated with antibacterial kumazasa extract (from the kumazasa plant). The combination of which keeps your feet dry by absorbing moisture while keeping odors at bay! The result is a cozy, warm house slipper that stays smelling fresh even after repeated usage!

Fit: Designed for maximum comfort, these room shoes are very forgiving when it comes to sizing. But it is important that the user’s foot not be longer than the footbed of of the shoe. Please use the sizing chart to compare to your US shoe size, or use the Japanese sizing and measure your foot in centimeters to find the proper fit. 


Size Japanese Sizing in CM US Women US Men
 M 23.5-25 7-8.5 5.5-7
L 25-27 9-10.5 7.5-9


A little more on sasawashi... ........we are such a fan of this innovative material called Sasawashi! A fabric that is truly one-of-a-kind, it was founded as a reaction to the wistfulness and ephemeral lifespan of the textile industry. Made from absorbent washi paper threads infused with antibacterial kumazasa plant fibers. This process makes a fabric that is naturally deodorizing, prevents mildew growth and fiber deterioration! We love the Sasawashi brand for their innovativeness and forward thinking approach to textile design and consciousness, but we also feel the brand’s fundamental values speak to us deeply too; comfort, longevity, and simplicity...speaks to the Umei way of life we feel!