SLOW COFFEE STYLE was born to bring you the joy of a slow, relaxing passage of time with pour over coffee. Organic forms, calm colors, and warm textures are designed to help you unwind. The items integrate well into spaces with a relaxing atmosphere. The collection gives depth to your daily ritual of brewing coffee.

The stainless steel filter extracts coffee oil and brings out richness and aroma in the brewed coffee. Medium grind is recommended for the coffee beans. The ground coffee can be put directly in the filter, and the filter can be used repeatedly by washing. Very fine coffee particles may pass through the filter, but this is a characteristic of the stainless steel filter.

Marks on the carafe indicate 2 cups and 4 cups of brewed coffee

5 x H7 x W6 in / 37 ozG

Glass is dishwasher and microwave safe . Hand wash metal brewing basket.