We love the elegant lines and utility of the this iconic Japanese enamel kettle, the Slimpot under by Tsuki Usagi.  It has been created by the same Noda Enamel factory for over 80 years.   It makes us want to pour ourselves a cup of tea or coffee, how about you?  We can see why it is so beloved in the Japan.

It is safe to use on your stove top - however it is a slimpot, so make sure it sits solidly on your burners, some stoves burners prongs are set apart so widely that you need to put an extra grate on top.   Also the enamel gets hot fast, be sure to use a hot pad.

Enamel also has the advantage of not absorbing odors, so water always taste pure.

Recommend drying thoroughly, particular at the spout to avoid rust.


Holds 1.2 liter / 40 ozs

Not for induction heat stoves or microwaves

Made in Japan