Needing a new kettle for the stove?  You might enjoy this timeless, iconic and ergonomic design by one of Japan's most reknown industrial designers Sori Yanagi.  Yanagi was know for his combining functionality with clean, organic forms.  This kettle has sold over a million units annually for several years.  And is a multi time Japanese Good Design Award winner.  All that to say it is love by many because of its great design.

This kettle has a wide base allowing for a quick boil everytime.  The shape of the handle allows to easily pour without putting pressure on your wris.t

This kettle does not have a whistle so stay nearby and monitor - you can tell it's boiling by seeing the steam release.

Do not heat kettle on the stove without water in it, it can damage the kettle.

Leave handle upright, not  folded down on the kettle as resin will melt when hot.  Your kettle will be hot when heated up

Dishwasher and hand wash safe, to protect the matte finish please do not brush with anything abrasive.

9.5W" x 7.5D" x 8H"
2.5 liters (capacity)

Stainless steel + resin (for handle)

Made in Japan

*trivet in photo not included, but you can find it by searching "rush trivet".