Suzugami is the modern expression of Japanese metalworking meeting the beloved Japanese tradition of origami.  Suzugami (suzu means tin, gami means paper) is a simply beautiful flexible sheet of tin that bends into a variety of shapes, allowing you to serve cold dishes, hold flowers, rest chopsticks, or whatever your imagination holds.  We have never seen anything like it!

There are three patterns inspired by nature:

Arare - Ice Hail

Samidare - Early Summer Rain

Kazahana - Snowflake

Suzugami was created by a small metal manufacturer that has specialized in creating the special buddhist orin gong for over 100 years.  There are three artisans at Syouru that are skilled to do this work with only 10 of these artisans in the whole of Japan.  By repeatedly hammering a rolled tin sheet, not only can it become patterned, but it gains a strength that has resistance to repeated bending. It is a product only metalwork artisans could dream up.

Simply, but beautifully packaged as only the Japanese can do.

Food safe

Wash with gentle soap and dry

5" x 5"

Made in Takaoka City, Japan