"A small puddle to put ink in"

A glass container dedicated to bird-shaped ink made with a solid work technique.
The amount of ink that goes into one time is about 2ml. You can transfer as much as you need for your daily writing.

The tail and beak part are very delicate work, and the craftsman of the maker carefully finishes it one by one with a technique called solid work.

How to use

Remove the ink with the included dropper and transfer it to the pot. Please make sure that the amount of ink on the pot is less than 2/3 so that it does not overflow when the lid is closed.
Please insert it gently so that the pen tip does not hit the glass.

About individual differences
Because it is completely handmade, there are some individual differences. Please understand.

Glass products are delicate, so please be careful when handling them.

Specifications: About 80mm in width and 66mm in height (including the lid) ※There are individual differences

Dropper included