Pattern Background

We know Japan is famous rice, here is a tenugui that features grains of rice in a geometric pattern - subtle nod to Japan's love of rice.

About Tenugui by Kamawanu

These tenugui by the Japanese maker Kamawanu are hand dyed and  approximately 13 x 35".  Tenugui are a traditional Japanese cloth, used daily as a towel, a bandana, a handkerchief or a cloth to wrap gifts in.

These tenugui are 100% cotton and each batch might vary ever so slightly since the dye varies due to weather, the temperature or humidity.

Due to the  process of hand dye nature of them you have patterns on both sides 

The ends are purposefully left raw and will create a natural 1/2 cm fringe after washing.

Wash gently in cold.  The tenugui will become super soft over time and the colors will soften also, but become even more beautiful we think.