While you this delicious piece should not be limited to use with chocolates it is pretty wonderful place to start.  Imagine small bites served, macaroons, - we love it!  It is by Tomoko Morisaki, of Tomoro Pottery studio in Los Angeles. Tomoko creates functional works of art, that are warm, natural and call to be used daily. A chocolate a day is a good thing right?  =)

Each piece is hand thrown, so we appreciate your understanding that each piece is one of a kind, color and dimension might vary slightly.  The patterns on each plate is slightly different,  email or dm us if you want to see the differences in pattern.

Tomoko studied ceramics and product design at Tokyo Gakugei University in Japan. For more than fifteen years, pottery has been her passion. After she moved to Los Angeles, she started tomoro pottery as her creative outlet.

D8.3” x H1.5”

Microwave and dishwasher safe