A cool cat  having a morning coffee - you can relate.  Please note cat hanging on by a thread - on the inside of the cup.  We can relate, may you can too.  We love this  playful mug!!

Toranekko Bonbon is playful series created by artist and chef Naoko Naaknishi.  Toraneko Bonbon is a "traveling restaurant" where all sort of animals show up - it is a vegetarian restaurant of course!  Who knows it might show up in your town someday.  Toranekko translates into tabby cat (literally tiger cat) and and you will see lots of playful cats and other animals (dogs too!) show up at the Toranekko Bonbon "traveling restaurant"

There is not too much more detail we can give you, but we will let you know as we learn more, we are intrigued by Nkanishi san's imagination and art.

Made in Japan